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Genetic polymorphisms of the GNRH1 and GNRHR genes and risk of breast cancer in the National Cancer Institute Breast and Prostate Cancer Cohort Consortium (BPC3)

Canzian, Federico ;Kaaks, Rudolf ;Cox, David G. ;Henderson, Katherine D. ;Henderson, Brian E. ;Berg, Christine ;Bingham, Sheila ;Boeing, Heiner ;Buring, Julie ;Calle, Eugenia E. ;Chanock, Stephen J. ;Clavel-Chapelon, Françoise ;Dossus, Laure ;Spencer Feigelson, Heather ;Haiman, Christopher A. ;Hankinson, Susan E. ;Hoover, Robert ;Hunter, David J. ;Isaacs, Claudine ;Lenner, Per ;Lund, Eiliv ;Overvad, Kim ;Palli, Domenico ;Pearce, Celeste Leigh ;Quiros, Jose R. ;Riboli, Elio ;Stram, Daniel O. ;Thomas, GIlles ;Thun, Michael J. ;Trichopoulos, Dimitrios ;van Gils, Carla H. ;Ziegler, Regina G.


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