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Challenges of globalization imbalances and growth

Åslund, Anders, 1952-

Washington, DC : Peterson Institute for International Economics, Center for Social and Economic Research 2008

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  • Title:
    Challenges of globalization imbalances and growth
  • Author: Åslund, Anders, 1952-; Dąbrowski, Marek, 1951-
  • Publisher: Washington, DC : Peterson Institute for International Economics, Center for Social and Economic Research
  • Creation Date: 2008
  • Language: English
  • Physical Description: 1 online resource (297 p.).
  • Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Subjects: Balance of payments; Balance of trade; Economic development; Globalization -- Economic aspects
  • Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Contents: ""Cover ""; ""Table of Contents""; ""Preface""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""Introduction: Challenges of Globalization""; ""A Golden Period of Global Growth""; ""How Severe and Dangerous Are Global Imbalances?""; ""Capitalism: A Model of Economic Growth""; ""Chapter 1 Are Large External Imbalances in Central Europe Sustainable?""; ""Large Imbalances and Income Catch-Up: Stylized Facts""; ""How Do the Influences on Growth Stack Up to Emerging Markets More Generally?""; ""Are Growth and Current Account Positions in Sync?""; ""How Do Markets View the Risks?""; ""Conclusion""
    ""Chapter 2 Current Account Imbalances in the Euro Area""""Stylized Facts""; ""Net Financial Flows and the EMU""; ""Conclusion""; ""Chapter 3 Rethinking Balance of Payments Constraints in a Globalized World""; ""Historical Background: From a Closed Economy to the Globalized World""; ""BoP and IIP Concepts and Their Limitations""; ""Looking for Greater Flexibility in Analyzing BoP Constraints""; ""Challenging “Home Country Bias�""; ""Alternative Analytical Framework""; ""Policy Implications of the Alternative Analytical Framework""; ""Final Remarks and Conclusions""
    ""Chapter 4 A World Out of Balance?""""The US External Position: Evolution and Determinants""; ""Changes in Global Financial Markets and the US Current Account Deficit""; ""Oil Prices and the Sudden Emergence of an Important Source of Excess Savings""; ""Model-Based Analysis of the Intersection of Global Growth, Interest Rates, and Oil Prices""; ""Concluding Remarks""; ""Chapter 5 Sustainable Adjustment of Global Imbalances""; ""The Exchange Rate and Monetary Policy in a Forward-Looking Model""; ""Orderly Adjustment Through Risk Premia""
    ""A Mixed Scenario of US Devaluation and Demand Change Elsewhere""""Conclusion""; ""Chapter 6 Meeting the China Challenge Is Meeting the Challenge of Comprehensive Engagement and Multilateralism""; ""Rising Protectionist Sentiments Against Trade with China""; ""Nature of the Link Between Globalization and Worker Anxiety in the United States""; ""Understanding the Evolution of China�s Current Account Balance""; ""Misplaced High Hopes on the Curative Power of Renminbi Appreciation""; ""A Multilateral Policy Package to Address Trade Tensions with China""; ""Final Remarks""
    ""Chapter 7 Institutional Systems and Economic Growth""""Innovation-Based Growth""; ""Determinants of Individual Choice""; ""Linking Individual Choice to Institutional Systems""; ""The Information Barrier to Innovation-Based Growth""; ""The Incentive Barrier: Institutional Systems that Block Innovation-Based Growth""; ""A Look at History: Growth Accelerations and Slowdowns""; ""Successful Reform Packages: Direction, Scope, and Time Structure""; ""Institutions, Macroeconomic Shocks, Long-Run Growth""; ""Concluding Comments""
    ""Chapter 8 Impact of “Legal School� Versus Recent Colonial Origin on Economic Growth""
    Introduction: challenges of globalization / Anders Åslund and Marek Dabrowski
    Are large external imbalances in Central Europe sustainable? / Susan Schadler
    Current account imbalances in the Euro area / Alan Ahearne, Birgit Schmitz, and Jürgen von Hagen
    Rethinking balance of payments constraints in a globalized world / Marek Dabrowski
    A world out of balance? / Daniel Gros
    Sustainable adjustment of global imbalances / Ray Barrell, Dawn Holland, and Ian Hurst
    Meeting the China challenge is meeting the challenge of comprehensive engagement and multilateralism / Wing Thye Woo
    Institutional systems and economic growth / Leszek Balcerowicz
    Impact of "legal school" versus recent colonial origin on economic growth / Jacek Rostowski and Bogdan Stacescu
    Does the European Union emulate the positive features of the East Asian model? / Anders Åslund
    Eight potential roadblocks to smooth EU-China economic relations / Jean Pisani-Ferry and André Sapir.
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