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Mexico : selected issues paper.

International Monetary Fund, publisher.

Washington, District of Columbia : International Monetary Fund 2014

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  • Title:
    Mexico : selected issues paper.
  • Author: International Monetary Fund, publisher.
  • Publisher: Washington, District of Columbia : International Monetary Fund
  • Creation Date: 2014
  • Language: English
  • Physical Description: 1 online resource (67 p.).
  • Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references.
  • Subjects: Global Financial Crisis, 2008-2009; Financial crises -- Mexico; Economic development -- Mexico
  • Notes: Includes bibliographical references.
  • Contents: Cover; Contents; THE IMPACT OF MEXICO'S ENERGY REFORM ON HYDROCARBONS PRODUCTION; A. Current Challenges in the Energy Industry; B. Most Significant Reform Effort in 75 Years; C. Impact on Energy Production; D. Resource Blessed; E. How Long Does it Take?; F. Production Scenarios; FIGURES; 1. Illustrative Baseline Scenarios; 2. Illustrative Downside Scenarios; G. How Much Investment and FDI?; H. Natural Gas Imports and Transport; I. Electricity Reform; J. Conclusion; References; MADE IN MEXICO: THE ENERGY REFORM AND MANUFACTURING OUTPUT; A. Introduction
    B. The Mexican Manufacturing Sector Since NAFTAC. The Energy Reform: How Much of a Boost for Mexican Manufacturing?; D. Are There Additional Indirect Effects Through Spillovers?; E. Concluding Remarks and Policy Implications; References; TABLES; 1. Energy Consumption (in Petajoules) of the Industrial Sector; 2. Estimates of Elasticities of Manufacturing Output to Energy Prices; 3. Estimates of Elasticities When Energy Inputs Enter Separately; 4. Differential Effects Across Subsectors; APPENDIX; I. Panel VAR model; APPENDIX FIGURES
    1. Impulse Response Functions to a Rise in Electricity Prices with Subsector Spillovers 2. Impulse Response Functions to a Rise in Electricity Prices with Regional Spillovers; CAPITAL FLOW VOLATILITY AND INVESTOR BEHAVIOUR IN MEXICO; A. Introduction; B. Recent Episodes of Extreme Capital Movements in Mexico; FIGURES; 1. Mexico: Extreme Capital Flow Episodes; C. Behavior of Foreign and Domestic Mutual Funds in Mexico; 2. Evidence of Herding (net sellers as a percent of total funds); 3. Evidence of Herding (based on the herding index)
    D. Does Foreign Participation Amplify External Shock? A Time-Series Analysis of Mexican Sovereign Bond Market E. Concluding Remarks; BOXES; 1. OLS and Multivariate GARCH Models; 2. Data on Foreign Mutual Funds; TABLES; 1a. Bond Funds: Evidence of Positive Feedback Trading Behavior; 1b. Equity Funds: Evidence of Positive Feedback Trading Behavior; 2a. Robustness Check (1)-Using a Longer Sample for Foreign Mutual Funds; 2b. Robustness Check (2)-Using Dollar-Denominated Return on the 3-month Government Bonds; 3a. OLS Regression Results (VIX Shock); 3b. OLS Regression Results (U.S. Tapering Shock)
    4a. Multivariate GARCH Results (VIX Shock)4b. Multivariate GARCH Results (U.S. Tapering Shock); References
  • Identifier: ISBN1-4843-1312-7;ISBN1-4983-9587-2