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Balance of payments compilation guide

International Monetary Fund, author.

Washington, District of Columbia : International Monetary Fund 1995

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  • Title:
    Balance of payments compilation guide
  • Author/Creator: International Monetary Fund, author.
  • Publisher: Washington, District of Columbia : International Monetary Fund
  • Creation Date: 1995
  • Language: English
  • Physical Description: 1 online resource (391 p.).
  • Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Subjects: Balance of payments -- Statistics -- Handbooks, manuals, etc
  • Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Contents: ""Contents""; ""Preface""; ""Acronyms Used in This Guide""; ""I. Introduction""; ""Purpose of This Guide""; ""Scope of This Guide""; ""Organization of This Guide""; ""The Balance of Payments (BOP) Conceptual Framework""; ""Data Sources Used to Compile BOP Statistics""; ""Compiling and Disseminating BOP Statistics""; ""II. International Trade Statistics (ITS)""; ""Introduction""; ""International Guidelines on ITS""; ""Compilation of ITS""; ""Uses of ITS in International Accounts""; ""III. International Transactions Reporting Systems (ITRS)""; ""Introduction""; ""Model of a Simple ITRS""
    ""Modifying the Model of the Simple ITRS""""Measurement of Noncash Transactions""; ""Preparation of a BOP Statement""; ""A Model ITRS""; ""Electronic Reporting""; ""IV. Enterprise Surveys (ES)""; ""Introduction""; ""Goods and Merchanting Services""; ""Freight and Insurance on Imports""; ""Use of ES to Measure International Travel""; ""Insurance Transactions""; ""Use of ES to Measure Other Services""; ""Transactions Associated with Foreign Workers""; ""Special Bank Data""; ""Private Development Aid Transfers""; ""Use of ES to Measure External Assets and Liabilities""
    ""Surveys of Banks and Other Financial Institutions""""V. International Transportation Surveys""; ""Overview""; ""Model Collection Forms""; ""Passenger Fares�Travel Revenue or Ticket Sales""; ""International Shipping Surveys""; ""International Airline Surveys""; ""Rail Transport""; ""Other Modes: Road, Waterways, and Space""; ""Transactions Involving Oil Rigs and Fishing Vessels ""; ""VI. Surveys of International Activity Associated with Securities""; ""Overview""; ""Data Requirements""; ""Identifying Security Issuers and Owners""; ""Identifying Transactors""; ""Derivative Instruments""
    ""Data Sources""""Model Collection Forms""; ""Overcoming Possible Problems""; ""VII. Collections from Persons and Households""; ""Overview""; ""Migration Statistics""; ""Alternative Statistics on Across-the-border Movements""; ""Surveys of Travelers""; ""Other Collections""; ""VIII. Official Data Sources Not Included Elsewhere""; ""Overview""; ""Data on the Official Sector""; ""Administrative By-product Data""; ""IX. Data from Partner Countries and International Institutions""; ""Partner Country Data""; ""Data from International Institutions""; ""X. Compiling the BOP Statement: an Overview""
    ""Introduction""""The BOP Worksheet""; ""Estimation and Projection""; ""BOP Coding System""; ""Relationship Between the Balance of Payments Manual and the System of National Accounts 1993 ""; ""Unit of Account and Multiple Exchange Rate Conversions""; ""Treatment of the Operation of Mobile Equipment""; ""Treatment of Construction Activity""; ""Selected Household Transactions""; ""Treatment of Individuals with Multiple Residences""; ""XI. Compiling the BOP Current Account: Goods""; ""Introduction""; ""International Trade Statistics as a Primary Source for Compilation of Goods""
    ""An International Transactions Reporting System as a Primary Source for Compilation of Goods ""
  • Identifier: ISBN1-4623-3815-1;ISBN1-4552-6995-6;ISBN1-283-53364-2;ISBN9786613846099;ISBN1-4552-7491-7