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Critical issues in psychotherapy translating new ideas into practice

Slife, Brent D. ;Williams, Richard N., 1950-

Thousand Oaks, Calif. ; London : SAGE c2001

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  • Title:
    Critical issues in psychotherapy translating new ideas into practice
  • Author/Creator: Slife, Brent D.
  • Williams, Richard N., 1950-; Barlow, Sally H.
  • Publisher: Thousand Oaks, Calif. ; London : SAGE
  • Creation Date: c2001
  • Language: English
  • Physical Description: 1 online resource (373 p.).
  • Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Subjects: Psychotherapy; Psychiatry
  • Description: This volume evaluates the theory and practice of new and existing models in psychotherapy. It includes the topics individualism, spirituality, mainstream theories, empirically validated treatments, multiculturalism and managed care.
  • Notes: Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Contents: Cover; Contents; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Issue 1 - Empirically Supported Treatments; Empirically Supported Treatments: What's a Nonbehaviorist to Do?; Commentary: Empirically Supported Treatments: Some Thoughts on the Nonbehaviorists' Dilemma; Issue 2 - Assessment; Psychological Assessment: From Objectification Back to the Life World; Commentary: Collaborative Psychological Assessment:Becoming Psychological Hermeneuts; Issue 3 - Biologization of Psychotherapy; The Biologization of Psychotherapy: Understanding the Nature of Influence
    Commentary: The Biologization of Psychotherapy:Understanding the Nature of InfluenceIssue 4 - Spirituality; The Phenomenon of Spirit in a Secular Psychotherapy; Commentary: The Phenomenon of Spirit in aSecular Psychotherapy; Issue 5 - Culture; Psychotherapy as an Instrument of Culture; Commentary: Psychotherapy as an Instrumentof Culture: A Clinician's View; Issue 6 - Managed Care; Managed Care Programs: What Do Clinicians Need?; Commentary: Managed Care Programs:What Do Clinicians Need?; Issue 7 - Individualism; Individualism and Modern Psychotherapy
    Commentary: Individualism and Modem PsychotherapyIssue 8 - The Scientist-Practitioner Model; The Patient-Philosopher Evaluates the Scientist-Practitioner: A Case Study; Commentary: The Clinician Turned Philosopher; Issue 9 - Free Will/Determinism; Psychotherapy as Practical Teleology: Viewing the Person as Agent; Commentary: Human Agency in Psychotherapy:To Choose or Not to Choose ...Is That the Question?; Issue 10 - Eclecticism; Eclecticism in Psychotherapy: Is it Really the Best Substitute for Traditional Theories?; Commentary: New Bottles, Old Wine?; Issue 11 - Postmodernism
    The Postmodern Turn: What It Means for Psychotherapy-and What It Doesn'tCommentary: The Dilemma of Realism and Antirealism:A Response to Held's Postmodern Turn; Issue 12 - Multiculturalism; Culture, Identity, and Loyalty: New Pathways for a Culturally Aware Psychotherapy; Commentary: Multiculturalism and Diversity: Response to Dr. Fowers; Issue 13 - Diagnosis; ""Objectivity"" in Diagnosis and Treatment: A Philosophical Analysis; Commentary: ""Objectivity"" in Diagnosis and Treatment:A Philosophical Analysis; Issue 14 - Feminism; Bringing FeministIssues to Therapy
    Commentary: Bringing Feminist Issues to TherapyConclusion: The Values of Psychotherapy; Name Index; Subject Index; About the Editors and Contributors
  • Target Audience: Audience: Specialized.
  • OCLC Number: 809772285
  • Identifier: ISBN1-322-41632-X;ISBN0-7619-2080-3;ISBN1-4522-6250-0