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Nappaaluk, Mitiarjuk, author. ;Frost, Peter, 1955- translator.

Manitoba, Canada : University of Manitoba Press [2014]

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  • Title:
  • Author/Creator: Nappaaluk, Mitiarjuk, author.
  • Frost, Peter, 1955- translator.; Saladin d'Anglure, Bernard, translator.
  • Uniform Title: Sanaaq.
  • Publisher: Manitoba, Canada : University of Manitoba Press
  • Creation Date: [2014]
  • Language: English
  • Physical Description: 1 online resource (247 p.).
  • Bibliography: "Additional reading": pages 223-227.
  • Subjects: Inuit literature -- Canada -- Translations into English; Canadian literature -- Inuit authors
  • Notes: "Additional reading": pages 223-227.
  • Contents: ""Cover""; ""Contents""; ""Foreword""; ""Form and Style""; ""Content and Implicit Surrounding Details""; ""Historical and Cultural Context""; ""Characters""; ""1: Gathering Dwarf Birch""; ""2: Irsutualuk and the Fishing Day That Wasnâ€?t""; ""3: A Day in the Tent""; ""4: Fishing on the Foreshore""; ""5: Moving Day and Sanaaqâ€?s Remarriage""; ""6: A Qajaq for Qalingu""; ""7: Jiimialuk Loses an Eye""; ""8: The First Qallunaat Arrive""; ""9: Qalingu Tries out the Qajaq""; ""10: A Daughter Is Adopted""; ""11: An Unsuccessful Hunt in the Qajaq""; ""12: Sanaaq Mee ts a Polar Bear""
    ""13: Arnatuinnaq Catches Her First Gull""""14: From Tent to Igloo""; ""15: Jiimialuk�s Fatal Accident""; ""16: A Harsh Winter in the Igloo""; ""17: Sanaaq Gives Birth to a Son""; ""18: Trip Inland""; ""19: Hunters Caught in a Blizzard""; ""20: Spring Hunting on the Sinaa""; ""21: Mussel Fishing under the Ice""; ""22: Spring Hunt""; ""23: Scenes of Summer Life""; ""24: The Legend of Lumaajuq""; ""25: The First Catholic Missionaries""; ""26: A Children�s Quarrel""; ""27: A Community Feast of Boiled Meat""; ""28: Spring Hunting, Fishing, and Gathe ring""; ""29: Hunters Adrift on the Ice""
    ""30: Inuit Chewing Gum""""31: Learning how to Sew and the Collapse of the Igloo""; ""32: Fishing for Iqaluk""; ""33: Qalingu Makes a Puurtaq and Qumaq Her First Boots""; ""34: Gathering Eggs""; ""35: Spring Hunt on the Edge of the Ice""; ""36: A Child�s Carelessness""; ""37: A Household Quarrel""; ""38: Sanaaq�s Flight""; ""39: Conjugal Violence""; ""40: A Sorrowful Qalingu""; ""41: Sanaaq�s Return to Hospital""; ""42: Ritual Feast for the First Kill""; ""43: Qalingu Leaves to Work among the Qallunaat""; ""44: A Successful Day Fishing for Arctic Char""
    ""45: The First Medical Examination""""46: Birth, Naming, and Conversion""; ""47: A Broken Heart and Possession""; ""48: Confession and Cure""; ""Glossary""; ""Additional Reading""; ""Selected Works by Mitiarjuk Nappaaluk""; ""Selected Works by Bernard Saladin d�Anglure on Inuit""; ""Critical Writing on Inuit Literature""
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  • OCLC Number: 870652432
  • Identifier: ISBN0-88755-447-4;ISBN0-88755-446-6