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Sanity and sanctity mental health work among the ultra-orthodox in Jerusalem

Greenberg, David, 1949- ;Witztum, Eliezer.

New Haven : Yale University Press c2001

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  • Title:
    Sanity and sanctity mental health work among the ultra-orthodox in Jerusalem
  • Author/Creator: Greenberg, David, 1949-
  • Witztum, Eliezer.
  • Publisher: New Haven : Yale University Press
  • Creation Date: c2001
  • Language: English
  • Physical Description: 1 online resource (400 p.).
  • Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references (p. 363-382) and index.
  • Subjects: Ultra-Orthodox Jews -- Psychology; Cultural psychiatry; Psychology, Pathological -- Cross-cultural studies; Orthodox Judaism -- Psychology
  • Description: Ultra-orthodox Jews in Jerusalem are isolated from the secular community that surrounds them not only physically but by their dress, behaviours, and beliefs. Their relationship with secular society is characterised by social, religious, and political tensions. The differences between the ultra-orthodox and secular often pose special difficulties for psychiatrists who attempt to deal with their needs. In this book, two Western-trained psychiatrists discuss their mental health work with this community over the past two decades.
  • Notes: Includes bibliographical references (p. 363-382) and index.
  • Contents: Contents; Preface; 1. To Begin, Just Say, ""How Are You?""; Part I: An Introduction to Ultra-Orthodoxy and Community Mental Health Work in Jerusalem; 2. The Initiation of Mental Health Care for the Ultra-Orthodox; 3. Changing Attitudes in Cultural Psychiatry; 4. A Match Is Arranged Between Cultural Psychiatry and Ultra-Orthodox Judaism; 5. Varieties of Religious Identification; 6. The Parable of the Turkey; Part II: The Psychopathology of Belief and Ritual; 7. Beliefs and Delusions; 8. Visions and Hallucinations: Angels in Today'sWorld; 9. Nocturnal Hallucinations
    10. ''A Big Man Dressed in Black Is Hitting Me'': Deconstructing the Narrative11. Phenomenology and Differential Diagnoses of Nocturnal Hallucinations; 12. Normative Rituals; 13. Ritual as Psychopathology, or Is the Code of Jewish Law a Compulsive's Natural Habitat?; 14. Religious Ritual and OCD: Is the Torah a ''Perfect Medicine'' or Does It Cause OCD?; Part III: Psychopathology and Religious Return; 15. The Baal Teshuva and Mental Health, or Why the Camel Changed His Burden, and How He Felt About It; 16. Mental Illness and Religious Change: The Chicken or the Egg
    17. ''A Very Narrow Bridge'': Pyschopathology Among Baalei Teshuva in a Fringe Hasidic Group18. Mysticism and Psychosis: The Fate of Ben Zoma; 19. ''Jerusalem Syndrome'': Tourists Who Freak Out and Break Down in the Holy City; Part IV: The Provision of Mental Health Care; 20. Ultra-Orthodox Attitudes Toward Mental Health Care; 21. Improving Mental Health Care for the Ultra-Orthodox; 22. Treating Depression in the Community by the Community; Part V: Case Studies; 23. The Soldier of the Apocalypse; 24. The Healing Power of Ritual; 25. Paradise Regained: Breaking Through the Mask of Catatonia
    Part VI: Conclusion26. Betrayal: The Prince and theWise Man Revisited; 27. Broken Souls Are Not Easily Mended; Notes; Glossary; Bibliography; Index
  • OCLC Number: 923588169
  • Identifier: ISBN1-281-73109-9;ISBN9786611731090;ISBN0-300-13199-2