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Family psychology the art of the science

Pinsof, William M.

New York : Oxford University Press 2005

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  • Title:
    Family psychology the art of the science
  • Author: Pinsof, William M.; Lebow, Jay.
  • Publisher: New York : Oxford University Press
  • Creation Date: 2005
  • Language: English
  • Physical Description: 1 online resource (xviii, 590 p.) : ill.
  • Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Subjects: Families -- Psychological aspects; Family Therapy; Marital Therapy; Family -- psychology
  • Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Contents: A scientific paradigm for family psychology / William M. Pinsof and Jay L. Lebow
    A critical view of marital satisfaction / Robert L. Weiss
    A science of couple therapy : for what should we seek empirical support? / Andrew Christensen, Brian D. Doss, and David C. Atkins
    The mismeasure of therapy : treatment outcomes in marital therapy research / John Gottman and Kimberly Ryan
    Emotion and the repair of close relationships / Susan M. Johnson
    A sampling of theoretical, methodological, and policy issues in marriage education : implications for family psychology / Howard J. Markman ... [et al.]
    A life span developmental systems perspective on aggression toward a partner / Deborah M. Capaldi, Joann Wu Shortt, and Hyoun K. Kim
    Partner violence and men : a focus on the male perpetrator / Amy Holtzworth-Munroe and Jeffrey C. Meehan
    Women in intimate partner violence : major advances and new directions / Mary Ann Dutton ... [et al.]
    Partner violence and children / Ernest N. Jouriles, Renee McDonald, and Nancy A. Skopp
    Can partner aggression be stopped with psychosocial interventions? / K. Daniel O'Leary and Edward M. Vega
    Remarriage and stepfamilies / James H. Bray and Irene Easling
    Promoting better fathering among divorced nonresident fathers / Sanford L. Braver ... [et al.]
    Fathers in African American families : the importance of social and cultural context / Melvin N. Wilson, Anthony L. Chambers, and LaKeesha N. Woods
    Mothers in transition : model-based strategies for effective parenting / Bernadette Marie Bullock and Marion S. Forgatch
    Disentangling causality in the associations between couple and family processes and depression / Valerie E. Whiffen
    A relational perspective on depressed children : family patterns and interventions / Nadine J. Kaslow, Claudia A. Jones, and Frances Palin
    Adolescent depression : family-focus treatment strategies / Joan Rosenbaum Asarnow, Martha C. Tompson, and Michele S. Berk
    Marital discord in the context of a depressive episode : research on efficacy and effectiveness / Steven R.H. Beach and Maya E. Gupta
    Toward culturally centered and evidence-based treatments for depressed adolescents / Guillermo Bernal and Emily Sáez-Santiago
    Families, health, and illness : the search for pathways and mechanisms of effect / Beatrice L. Wood and Bruce D. Miller
    Weaving gold out of straw : meaning-making in families who have children with chronic illnesses / Joän M. Patterson
    Using family models in health research : a framework for family intervention in chronic disease / Lawrence Fisher.
    Contents; Contributors; A Scientific Paradigm for Family Psychology; 1 A Critical View of Marital Satisfaction; 2 A Science of Couple Therapy: For What Should We Seek Empirical Support?; 3 The Mismeasure of Therapy: Treatment Outcomes in Marital Therapy Research; 4 Emotion and the Repair of Close Relationships; 5 A Sampling of Theoretical, Methodological, and Policy Issues in Marriage Education: Implications for Family Psychology; 6 A Life Span Developmental Systems Perspective on Aggression Toward a Partner; 7 Partner Violence and Men: A Focus on the Male Perpetrator
    8 Women in Intimate Partner Violence: Major Advances and New Directions 9 Partner Violence and Children; 10 Can Partner Aggression Be Stopped With Psychosocial Interventions?; 11 Remarriage and Stepfamilies; 12 Promoting Better Fathering Among Divorced Nonresident Fathers; 13 Fathers in African American Families: The Importance of Social and Cultural Context; 14 Mothers in Transition: Model-Based Strategies for Effective Parenting; 15 Disentangling Causality in the Associations Between Couple and Family Processes and Depression
    16 A Relational Perspective on Depressed Children: Family Patterns and Interventions 17 Adolescent Depression: Family-Focused Treatment Strategies; 18 Marital Discord in the Context of a Depressive Episode: Research on Efficacy and Effectiveness; 19 Toward Culturally Centered and Evidence-Based Treatments for Depressed Adolescents; 20 Families, Health, and Illness: The Search for Pathways and Mechanisms of Effect; 21 Weaving Gold Out of Straw: Meaning-Making in Families Who Have Children With Chronic Illnesses
    22 Using Family Models in Health Research: A Framework for Family Intervention in Chronic Disease Index;
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