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Working together collective action, the commons, and multiple methods in practice

Poteete, Amy R., 1968- ;Janssen, Marco, 1969-

Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press c2010

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  • Title:
    Working together collective action, the commons, and multiple methods in practice
  • Author/Creator: Poteete, Amy R., 1968-
  • Janssen, Marco, 1969-; Ostrom, Elinor.
  • Publisher: Princeton, NJ : Princeton University Press
  • Creation Date: c2010
  • Language: English
  • Physical Description: 1 online resource (371 p.).
  • Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Subjects: Commons -- Management -- Methodology; Global commons -- Management -- Methodology; Natural resources, Communal -- Management -- Methodology
  • Description: Advances in the social sciences have emerged through a variety of research methods: field-based research, laboratory and field experiments, and agent-based models. However, which research method or approach is best suited to a particular inquiry is frequently debated and discussed. Working Together examines how different methods have promoted various theoretical developments related to collective action and the commons, and demonstrates the importance of cross-fertilization involving multimethod research across traditional boundaries. The authors look at why cross-fertilization is difficult t
  • Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Contents: ""Cover""; ""Title""; ""Copyright""; ""Contents""; ""List of Illustrations""; ""List of Tables""; ""Acknowledgments""; ""Prologue""; ""Part One: Introduction""; ""Chapter One Overcoming Methodological Challenges""; ""Social Science Debates over the Superiority of Particular Methods""; ""Multiple Methods: Promises and Challenges""; ""Practical Challenges and Methodological Trade-Offs""; ""Technological Development and the Costs of Border Crossing""; ""Availability and Accessibility of Data""; ""Career Incentives as Methodological Constraints""; ""Training""
    ""Career Incentives and Specialization""""Our Substantive Focus""; ""Interactions between Theory and Methods""; ""Multiple Methods and Collaborative Research""; ""Practical Constraints on Methodological Choices""; ""Career Incentives and Methodological Practice""; ""Outline of the Book""; ""Part Two: Field Methods""; ""Chapter Two Small-N Case Studies: Putting the Commons under a Magnifying Glass""; ""The Conventional Theory of the Commons""; ""The Case Study Method""; ""Cases, Case Studies, and Case Study Research""; ""Analytical Strengths and Weaknesses""; ""Practical Considerations""
    ""Synthesizing Challenges and Coordinating New Research Efforts""""Contributions to the Study of the Commons""; ""Property Rights and Tenure Security ""; ""Group Characteristics""; ""Resource Characteristics""; ""Case Studies as a Foundation""; ""Chapter Three Broadly Comparative Field-Based Research""; ""Methodological Practices over Fifteen Years of Research""; ""Defining the Units of Analysis""; ""Trading Geographic Scope for Numbers?""; ""Theoretical Aspirations and Methodological Practices""; ""Practical Challenges to Broadly Comparative Field-Based Research""
    ""Costs of Data Collection""""Research Design and Sampling""; ""The Implications of Data Scarcity and Costliness""; ""Meta-Analysis: An Introduction""; ""Weighing the Benefits and Costs of Meta-Analysis""; ""Coding Strategies and Missing Data""; ""Potential Sources of Sample Bias""; ""The Choice of Methodological Strategy: Weighing Costs against Control""; ""Chapter Four Meta-Analysis: Getting the Big Picture through Synthesis""; ""Meta-Analysis: A Recapitulation""; ""The Common-Pool Resource (CPR) Research Program""; ""Defining Variables""; ""Compensating for Gaps in Case Materials""
    ""Contributions""""Overall Assessment""; ""NIIS: A Hybrid Approach""; ""Adaptation of the CPR Protocols""; ""Measurement and Sampling""; ""Contributions""; ""Overall Assessment""; ""Other Synthetic Studies""; ""Additional Examples of Meta-Analysis""; ""An Example of Narrative Synthesis""; ""Progress and Continuing Challenges""; ""Chapter Five Collaborative Field Studies""; ""Collaboration in Field-Based Research, 1990-2004""; ""Two Research Partnerships ""; ""Community-Based Management of Common-Pool Resources in Tanzania""; ""Traditional Management of Artisanal Fisheries in Nigeria""
    ""Thoughts about Research Partnerships""
    Part One: Introduction. Overcoming Methodological Challenges.
    Part Two: Field Methods. Small-N Case Studies: Putting the Commons under a Magnifying Glass ; Broadly Comparative Field-Based Research ; Meta-Analysis: Getting the Big Picture through Synthesis ; Collaborative Field Studies.
    Part Three: Models and Experiments in the Laboratory and the Field. Experiments in the Laboratory and the Field ; Agent-Based Models of Collective Action ; Building Empirically Grounded Agent-Based Models.
    Part Four: Synthesis. Pushing the Frontiers of the Theory of Collective Action and the Commons.
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