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The Analysis of Hysteria Understanding Conversion and Dissociation

Merskey, Harold.

London : The Royal College of Psychiatrists 1996

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  • Title:
    The Analysis of Hysteria Understanding Conversion and Dissociation
  • Author/Creator: Merskey, Harold.
  • Publisher: London : The Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • Creation Date: 1996
  • Edition: 2nd ed.
  • Language: English
  • Physical Description: 1 online resource (488 p.).
  • Subjects: Hysteria; Conversion disorder; Dissociation (Psychology); Histrionic Personality Disorder; Somatoform Disorders; Mental Disorders; Psychiatry and Psychology; Personality Disorders; Dissociative Disorders; Hysteria; Conversion Disorder
  • Description: Conversion and dissociation cover numerous phenomena and a wide range of ideas. The topic is central to understanding the relationship between mind and body. This book provides a survey of the whole range of hysterical phenomena, from classical paralyses and blindness to questions about hysterical personality and epidemic hysteria.
  • Notes: English.
    Description based upon print version of record.
  • Contents: Contents; Preface; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Part I. History and concepts; 1 Some traditional concepts; 2 Early neurological analyses; 3 The turn of the century; 4 The contribution of Freud; 5 Combat hysteria; 6 Ernst Kretschmer; 7 Post-traumatic stress disorder; Part II. Motives and extremes; 8 Malingering, self-damage and anorexia nervosa; 9 Amnesia, pseudodementia and the Ganser syndrome: denial of illness; 10 Compensation issues; Part III. Varied causes and symptoms; 11 Organic brain disease; 12 Pain; 13 Somatisation disorder and somatisation; 14 Hypochondriasis
    15 The diversity of hysterical complaints16 Epidemic or communicable hysteria; 17 Chronic fatigue syndromes; 18 Children; 19 Suggestion and hypnotic phenomena; 20 'Multiple personality disorder'; 21 Dissociation, repression and false memories; Part IV. Individual dynamics and clinical subgroups; 22 Personality traits; 23 Psychoses; 24 Psychoanalytic concepts; Part V. A perspective; 25 The survival of hysteria; Appendices; Appendix A. Comparative table of the symptoms of hypochondriasis and hysteria; Appendix B. Hysterical insanity; Appendix C. Hysteria
    Appendix D. Epidemics of the Middle AgesReferences
  • OCLC Number: 437204739
  • Identifier: ISBN1-280-75474-5;ISBN9786610754748;ISBN0-585-47935-6