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Picturing Hegel : an illustrated guide to Hegel's Encyclopaedia logic

Maybee, Julie E., 1965- author.

Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books 2009

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  • Title:
    Picturing Hegel : an illustrated guide to Hegel's Encyclopaedia logic
  • Author/Creator: Maybee, Julie E., 1965- author.
  • Publisher: Lanham, Maryland : Lexington Books
  • Creation Date: 2009
  • Language: English
  • Physical Description: 1 online resource (667 p.).
  • Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Subjects: Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, 1770-1831. Wissenschaft der Logik; Logic, Modern -- 19th century
  • Description: In her innovative take on G.W. F. Hegel's The Encyclopaedia Logic, Julie E. Maybee uses pictures and diagrams to cut through the philosopher's dense, difficult writing. Picturing Hegel: An Illustrated Guide to Hegel's Encyclopaedia Logic utilizes diagrams in order to rehabilitate Hegel's logic for serious consideration by showing how each stage develops step-by-step from earlier stages according to definite, logical patterns. This interpretation makes Hegel's work accessible and understandable for new and experienced readers alike.
  • Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Contents: Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication; Contents; Acknowledgments; Introduction; 1. Entering the Gallery: Hegel's Overall Project and the Project of the Logic; I. The Skepticism of Hume and Kant; II. Reason Overgrasps Reality; III. Essential, Necessary Universals; IV. Reason Drives Itself: Semantics and Syntax; V. Hegel's Argument; VI. Hegel's Overall Project; VII. The Conceptual and Semantic Project of the Logic; VIII. The Syntactic Project of the Logic; 2. The Doctrine of Being; I. Introduction; II. The Doctrine of Quality; Being; Nothing; Becoming; Being-there; Being-in-itself; Limit
    Spurious InfinityBeing-for-itself or Genuine Infinity; Repulsion or Negative Relation; Attraction; III. The Doctrine of Quantity; Pure Quantity or Quantity in General; Quantum or Quantity as There; Number or Developed Quantum; Extensive and Intensive Magnitude; Degree; Ratio; IV. The Doctrine of Measure; Immediate Measure; The Measureless; Transition to Essence; V. Wrap Up Being: Comments on Syntax; 3. The Doctrine of Essence; I. Introduction; II. Essence as the Ground of Existence; Identity; Immediate Distinction; Likeness and Unlikeness; Positive and Negative; Distinction ""In Itself'
    Transition to GroundGround; Transition to Existence; Existence; Thing; Properties; Matters; Thing as Form; One Matter; Thing as One Form; Matter and Form Fall Apart; Transition to Appearance; III. The Doctrine of Appearance; Appearance; World of Appearance; Content and Form: Law of Appearance; Content and Form: External Form; External Content; Transition to Relationship; Immediate Relationship: Whole and Parts; Force and Utterance; Transition to Inner and Outer; Inner and Outer; Transition to Actuality; IV. The Doctrine of Actuality; Immediate Actuality; Possibility; Contingency and Chance
    Transition to ConditionCondition; Real Possibility; The Condition as a Totality; The Matter (Sache) Itself and The Activity of Necessity; External Necessity; The Necessary; Absolute Relationship; Immediate Substance and Substantiality; Substance as Cause; The Effect as a Substance; Transition to Reciprocal Action; Reciprocal Action; Transition to the Concept; V. Wrap Up Essence: Comments on Syntax; 4. The Doctrine of the Concept; I. Introduction; II. The Doctrine of the Subjective or Formal Concept; Universality; Particularity; Singularity; The Three Moments Cannot Be Held Apart
    Universality as Identity, Particularity as Distinction, Singularity as GroundThe Concept Utters; Transition to the Judgment; The Judgment; Abstract Judgment; Qualitative Judgment: Immediate Judgment or Judgment of Thereness; The (Simply) Negative Qualitative Judgment; Transition to the Empty Qualitative Judgment of Identity and the Negatively Infinite Qualitative Judgment; The Empty Qualitative Judgment of Identity; Negatively Infinite Qualitative Judgment; The Judgment of Reflection: Singular Judgment of Reflection; Particular Judgment of Reflection; Universal Judgment of Reflection
    Transition to the Judgment of Necessity
  • OCLC Number: 854520987
  • Identifier: ISBN0-7391-1615-0;ISBN0-7391-3979-7