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Japan's International Investment Position at Year-End 2009

Department, International

Bank of Japan 2010

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  • Title:
    Japan's International Investment Position at Year-End 2009
  • Author/Creator: Department, International
  • Publisher: Bank of Japan
  • Creation Date: 2010
  • Subjects: portfolio rebalancing ; government bond purchases ; Quantitative and Qualitative Monetary Easing (QQE) ; Flow of Funds Accounts Statistics
  • Description: Japan's external financial assets, which had decreased significantly in 2008 reflecting a fall in the yen value of foreign currency-denominated assets due to the appreciation of the yen and declines in equity prices, increased again in 2009 due mainly to (1) the depreciation of the yen; (2) active outward portfolio investment; and (3) the recovery in equity prices. At the same time, Japan's net asset position at year-end 2009 was slightly higher than the record-high registered in 2007, reflecting a slight decrease in external financial liabilities (250.2 trillion yen at year-end 2007; 225.5 trillion yen at year-end 2008; and 266.2 trillion yen at year-end 2009).