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7-year European Language Label : innovative projects in the lifelong learning programme.

European Commission ; Directorate-General for Education and Culture

Luxembourg : Publications Office 2014

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  • Title:
    7-year European Language Label : innovative projects in the lifelong learning programme.
  • Author: European Commission ; Directorate-General for Education and Culture
  • Publisher: Luxembourg : Publications Office
  • Creation Date: 2014
  • Language: Bulgarian;Czech;Danish;Dutch;English;Estonian;Finnish;French;German;Irish;Greek;Hungarian;Icelandic;Italian;Lithuanian;Maltese;Norwegian;Polish;Portuguese;Romanian;Slovak;Slovenian;Spanish;Swedish
  • Subjects: Use of Languages ; European Language ; Multilingualism ; Language Policy ; Language Teaching ; Continuing Education ; Foreign Language
  • Description: This publication presents a collection of excellent projects that were awarded the European Language Label (ELL) from 2006 to 2013. The Label is the successful result of a pilot project launched by the European Commission (EC) in 1998 following the recommendations of the 1995 White Paper on Teaching and Learning. Over the years the Label has evolved to follow the European goals in the field of multilingualism and the ambitious objective of ‘mother tongue + 2’ by which all citizens should have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in two foreign languages in addition to their mother tongue. In this vein, since 2006 the European Language Label has been refocused to target annual European priorities, highlighting more the European dimension of the initiative and showcasing the good practice. To increase its outreach, the Label initiative was also extended with the introduction in each country or region of an annual prize for the individual having made the most progress in foreign language learning, and the best language teacher. The aim is to acknowledge and publicise success stories related to language learning or teaching. Thanks to its growth over the years, the Label is now rewarding innovative initiatives in the field of language teaching and learning at any level or phase of education and training and is a successful means to disseminate best practices as well as to promote public interest in improving language skills. The European Union is proud to have supported some of these excellent projects through the 7-year lifelong learning programme (LLP). From 2007 until 2013, the programme provided support for multilateral projects promoting language awareness and access to language learning resources and aiming to develop or share language learning materials, including online courses and instruments for language testing. It also fostered multilateral networks promoting language learning and linguistic diversity, supporting the exchange of information about innovative techniques and good practices, especially among decision‑makers and key education professionals. Marking the end of the lifelong learning programme and its contribution to the European Language Label, this publication illustrates the significant amount of work, engagement, commitment and enthusiasm behind the success of the Label. The 85 projects presented here have been selected by the national authorities responsible for the organisation of the national Label awards according to the European priorities which were identified over time.
  • Identifier: ISBN: 978-92-79-37860-7 ; DOI: 10.2766/65538