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Encyclopedia of crime and justice

Dressler, Joshua.

New York : Macmillan Reference USA ©2002

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  • Title:
    Encyclopedia of crime and justice
  • Author: Dressler, Joshua.
  • Variant Title: Crime and justice.
    Encyclopedia of crime and justice.
  • Publisher: New York : Macmillan Reference USA
  • Creation Date: ©2002
  • Edition: 2nd ed. / Joshua Dressler, editor in chief.
  • Language: English
  • Physical Description: 1 online resource (4 volumes (xxxvi, 1780 pages)).
  • Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references and index.
    Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Subjects: Criminology -- Encyclopedias; Criminal justice, Administration of -- Encyclopedias
  • Description: The encyclopedia of crime & justice not only discusses many different kinds of crime--from perjury to terrorism--but also looks at law enforcement, legal procedures and penalties and the social causes and wide-ranging impact of crimes on society. The articles reflect issues dominating the news and entertainment media--topics that are frequently discussed or assigned in both high school and college curricula. What is perjury? How do copyright laws pertain to the Internet? Can a juvenile be tried as an adult for murder? In 250 A-Z entries, these interdisciplinary articles deal with the sociology, psychology, history and economics of crime.
  • Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index.
    Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
  • Contents: Vol. 1. Abortion
    Edward M. Wise
    Daniel B. Yeager
    Actus Reus
    Michael S. Moore
    Adversary System
    Mirjan Damaska
    Age And Crime
    Darrell Steffensmeier and Jeffery Ulmer
    Alcohol And Crime: Behavioral Aspects
    Barbara C. Leigh and Robin Room
    Alcohol And Crime: The Prohibition Experiment
    Joseph R. Gusfield
    Alcohol And Crime: Treatment And Rehabilitation
    Paul M. Roman
    Amnesty And Pardon
    Leslie Sebba and Richard S. Frase
    Daniel J. Meltzer
    Sharon L. Davies
    Arson: Behavioral And Economic Aspects
    James A. Inciardi and Jennifer L. Meyer
    Arson: Legal Aspects
    Denis Binder and Dan M. Kahan
    Austin T. Turk
    Assault And Battery
    Paul Marcus and Dan M. Kahan
    Stephen J. Schulhofer and Dan M. Kahan
    John S. Goldkamp
    Bank Robbery
    Robert L. Bogomolny and Dan M. Kahan
    Blackmail And Extortion
    James Lindgren
    John T. Noonan, Jr. and Dan M. Kahan
    Burden Of Proof
    Barbara D. Underwood and Scott E. Sundby
    Charles H. Whitebread
    Capital Punishment: Legal Aspects
    Carol S. Steiker
    Capital Punishment: Morality, Politics, Andpolicy
    Hugo Adam Bedau
    Careers In Criminal Justice: Corrections
    Edith E. Flynn
    Careers in Criminal Justice: Law
    Jennifer Modell
    Careers In Criminal Justice: Police
    William R. King
    Civil And Criminal Divide
    Class And Crime
    Roland Chilton
    Comparative Criminal Law And Enforcement: China
    Hualing Fu
    Comparative Criminal Law And Enforcement: England And Wales
    Malcolm Davies
    Comparative Criminal Law And Enforcement: Islam
    David F. Forte
    Comparative Criminal Law And Enforcement: Preliterate Societies
    Laura Nader
    Comparative Criminal Law And Enforcement: Russia
    Stephen C. Thaman
    Competency To Stand Trial
    Bruce J. Winick
    Computer Crime
    Ellen S. Podgor
    Louis Michael Seidman
    James Alexander Burke, Sanford H. Kadish, and Dan M. Kahan
    Contributing To The Delinquency Of Minors
    Pratheepan Gulasekaram and Emily Buss
    Conviction: Civil Disabilities
    Richard G. Singer
    Corporal Punishment
    Gordon Hawkins and Richard S. Frase
    Corporate Criminal Responsibility
    Pamela H. Bucy
    Corpus Delicti
    Stephen J. Schulhofer
    Correctional Reform Associations
    Barry A. Krisberg
    Counsel: Right To Counsel
    Pamela S. Karlan
    Counsel: Role Of Counsel
    David Luban
    John T. Parry
    Crime: Definition
    Claire Finkelstein
    Crime Causation: The Field
    Deborah W. Denno
    Crime Causation: Biological Theories
    Jasmine A. Tehrani and Sarnoff A. Mednick
    Crime Causation: Economic Theories
    Robert Witt and Ann Dryden Witte
    Crime Causation: Political Theories
    Crime Causation: Psychological Theories
    David P. Farrington
    Crime Causation: Sociological Theories
    Robert Agnew
    Crime Commissions
    Franklin E. Zimring, Gordon Hawkins, and Richard S. Frase
    Criminal Careers
    Kenneth C. Land and Amy V. D'Unger
    Criminalization And Decriminalization
    Richard S. Frase
    Criminal Justice Process
    Donald Dripps
    Criminal Justice System
    Richard S. Frase Robert R. Weidner
    Criminal Law Reform: Continental Europe
    Thomas Weigend
    Criminal Law Reform: England
    P.R. Glazebrook
    Criminal Law Reform: Historical Development In The United States
    Charles McClain and Dan M. Kahan
    Criminal Law Reform: Current Issues In The United States
    Markus Dirk Dubber
    Criminal Procedure: Constitutional Aspects
    Akhil Reed Amar
    Criminal Procedure: Comparative Aspects
    Criminology: Intellectual History
    Thomas J. Bernard
    Criminology: Modern Controversies
    James F. Short, Jr.
    Criminology And Criminal Justice Research: Methods
    Alex R. Piquero and Nicole Leeper Piquero
    Criminology And Criminal Justice Research: Organization
    Daniel C. Richman
    Cruel And Unusual Punishment
    Markus Dirk Dubber.
    Vol. 2. Delinquent And Criminal Subcultures
    Elijah Anderson and James F. Short, Jr.
    Johannes Andenaes
    Developing Countries, Crime In
    Christopher Birkbeck
    Charles R. Tittle
    Diminished Capacity
    Stephen J. Morse
    Robert P. Mosteller
    Dispute Resolution Programs
    Jennifer Gerarda Brown
    Domestic Violence
    Cheryl Hanna
    Double Jeopardy
    George C. Thomas, III
    Drinking And Driving
    Ross Homel
    Drugs And Crime: Behavioral Aspects
    James A. Inciardi
    Drugs And Crime: Legal Aspects
    Douglas Husak
    Ecology Of Crime
    Ralph B. Taylor
    Economic Crime: Theory
    Bill McCarthy and Lawrence E. Cohen
    Economic Crime: Antitrust Offenses
    John Shepard Wiley, Jr.
    Economic Crime: Tax Offenses
    John Shepard Wiley, Jr. and Eric M. Zolt
    Education And Crime
    Richard Arum
    Employee Theft: Behavioral Aspects
    Donald N.M. Horning
    Employee Theft: Legal Aspects
    Paul Marcus
    Euthanasia And Assisted Suicide
    Wesley J. Smith
    Exclusionary Rule
    Excuse: Theory
    George P. Fletcher
    Excuse: Duress
    Leo Katz
    Excuse: Infancy
    Randy Hertz
    Excuse: Insanity
    Michael L. Perlin
    Excuse: Intoxication
    Samuel H. Pillsbury, Herbert Fingarette, and Ann Fingarette Hasse
    Eyewitness Identification: Constitutional Aspects
    Christopher Slobogin
    Eyewitness Identification: Psychological Aspects
    Gary L. Wells
    Family Abuse And Crime
    Richard J. Gelles
    Family Relationships And Crime
    Joan McCord
    Fear Of Crime
    Mark Warr
    Federal Bureau Of Investigation: History
    Steven G. Brandl
    Federal Criminal Jurisdiction
    Sara Sun Beale
    Federal Criminal Law Enforcement
    Feminism: Criminological Aspects
    Nicole Rafter
    Feminism: Legal Aspects
    Victoria Nourse
    Mary M. Cheh
    Peter Goldberger and Dan M. Kahan
    Jerome H. Skolnick
    Gender And Crime
    Darrell Steffensmeier and Emilie Allan
    Grand Jury
    Jerold H. Israel
    Herbert Morris
    Guilty Plea: Accepting The Plea
    Fred C. Zacharias
    Guilty Plea: Plea Bargaining
    Albert W. Alschuler
    Guns, Regulation Of
    Daniel D. Polsby
    Habeas Corpus
    Jordan M. Steiker
    Hate Crimes
    Frederick M. Lawrence
    Homicide: Behavioral Aspects
    Margaret A. Zahn
    Homicide: Legal Aspects
    Lloyd L. Weinreb and Dan M. Kahan
    Homosexuality And Crime
    Barry D. Adam
    Human Immunodeficiency Virus
    Scott Burris
    José A. Canela-Cacho
    Informal Disposition
    Sandra Guerra
    Intelligence And Crime
    Bradley R.E. Wright
    International Criminal Courts
    Christopher Keith Hall
    International Criminal Justice Standards
    David Weissbrodt
    International Criminal Law
    Bartram S. Brown
    Bruce Zagaris
    Jury: Behavioral Aspects
    Shari Seidman Diamond
    Jury: Legal Aspects
    Justification: Theory
    Justification: Law Enforcement
    Paul G. Chevigny
    Justification: Necessity
    Thomas H. Morawetz
    Justification: Self-Defense
    Russell Christopher.
    Vol. 3. Juvenile And Youth Gangs
    Scott H. Decker and G. David Curry
    Juvenile Justice: History And Philosophy
    Barry C. Feld
    Juvenile Justice: Community Treatment
    William H. Barton
    Juvenile Justice: Institutions
    Edward J. Loughran
    Juvenile Justice: Juvenile Court
    Jeffrey A. Butts
    Juveniles In The Adult System
    Juvenile Status Offenders
    H. Ted Rubin
    Juvenile Violent Offenders
    Howard N. Snyder
    Libel, Criminal
    Stanley Ingber
    Literature And Crime
    Daniel J. Kornstein
    Mail: Federal Mail Fraud Act
    Mass Media And Crime
    Bill Loges and Sandra Ball-Rokeach
    Mens Rea
    Paul H. Robinson
    Mentally Disordered Offenders
    Larry Alexander
    Modernization And Crime
    Joachim J. Savelsberg
    Obscenity And Pornography: Behavioral Aspects
    Donald A. Downs
    Obstruction Of Justice
    Organized Crime
    Vincent F. Sacco
    Michael A. Simons
    Police: History
    Robin Shepard Engel
    Police: Community Policing
    James J. Willis
    Police: Criminal Investigations
    Police: Handling Of Juveniles
    Stephanie M. Myers
    Police: Organization And Management
    Edward R. Maguire and Carol Archbold
    Police: Police Officer Behavior
    Police: Policing Complainantless Crimes
    Tomas C. Mijares and David A. Klinger
    Police: Private Police And Industrial Security
    Mahesh K. Nalla
    Police: Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT) Teams
    David A. Klinger
    Political Process And Crime
    Malcolm M. Feeley
    Popular Culture
    Austin Sarat
    Prediction Of Crime And Recidivism
    John Monahan
    Preliminary Hearing
    Andrew D. Leipold
    Pretrial Diversion
    Joan Mullen
    Prevention: Community Programs
    Paul J. Hirschfield
    Prevention: Environmental And Technological Strategies
    A.R. Gillis
    Prevention: Juveniles As Potential Offenders
    Christopher Uggen and Melissa Thompson
    Prevention: Police Role
    Edward R. Maguire and Kimberly Hassell
    Prisoners, Legal Rights Of
    Michael B. Mushlin
    Prisons: History
    Scott Christianson
    Prisons: Correctional Officers
    Robert M. Freeman
    Prisons: Prisoners
    Richard A. Wright
    Prisons: Prisons For Women
    Barbara Owen
    Prisons: Problems And Prospects
    Hans Toch
    Probation And Parole: History, Goals, And Decision-Making
    Doris Layton MacKenzie
    Probation And Parole: Procedural Protection
    Fred Cohen
    Probation And Parole: Supervision
    Edward J. Latessa
    Prosecution: Comparative Aspects
    Prosecution: History Of The Public Prosecutor
    Abraham S. Goldstein
    Prosecution: Prosecutorial Discretion
    Gerard E. Lynch
    Prosecution: United States Attorney
    Debra Livingston
    Richard Warren Perry
    Publicity In Criminal Cases
    Scott W. Howe
    Public Opinion And Crime
    Kent Greenawalt
    Race And Crime
    Mark Yeisley and Christopher P. Krebs
    Rape: Behavioral Aspects
    Robert Prentky
    Rape: Legal Aspects
    Francis T. Cullen and Shannon A. Santana
    Religion And Crime
    John Simpson and David Brownfield
    Restorative Justice
    Mark Umbreit
    RICO (Racketeer Influenced And Corrupt Organizations Act)
    Riots: Behavioral Aspects
    Max Herman
    Riots: Legal Aspects
    Floyd Feeney and Dan M. Kahan
    Rural Crime
    Clayton Mosher and Thomas Rotolo.
    Vol. 4. Schools And Crime
    Jackson Toby
    Scientific Evidence
    Paul C. Giannelli and Edward J. Imwinkelried
    Search And Seizure
    William J. Stuntz
    Sedition And Domestic Terrorism
    Geoffrey R. Stone and Dan M. Kahan
    Sentencing: Allocation Of Authority
    Kevin R. Reitz
    Sentencing: Alternatives
    Joan Petersilia
    Sentencing: Disparity
    Cassia Spohn
    Sentencing: Guidelines
    Sentencing: Mandatory And Mandatory Minimum Sentences
    Candace McCoy
    Sentencing: Presentence Report
    Daniel Macallair
    Sentencing: Procedural Protection
    Sex Offenses: Children
    Charles A. Phipps
    Sex Offenses: Consensual
    Katharine B. Silbaugh
    Sexual Predators
    Eric S. Janus
    Shaming Punishments
    Dan M. Kahan
    Lionel Frankel
    Ira P. Robbins and Dan M. Kahan
    Speedy Trial
    Ann W. Burgess and William S. Laufer
    Statistics: Costs Of Crime
    Ross Macmillan
    Statistics: Historical Trends In Western Society
    Theodore N. Ferdinand
    Statistics: Reporting Systems And Methods
    Joseph G. Weis and Brian C. Wold
    Strict Liability
    Suicide: Legal Aspects
    Louis B. Schwartz and Dan M. Kahan
    James Willard Hurst and Dan M. Kahan
    Trespass, Criminal
    F. Patrick Hubbard and Dan M. Kahan
    Trial, Criminal
    William T. Pizzi
    Typologies Of Criminal Behavior
    Don C. Gibbons
    Unemployment And Crime
    Daniel Glaser
    Urban Crime
    Robert D. Crutchfield and Charis E. Kubrin
    Urban Police
    Vagrancy And Disorderly Conduct
    Marvin Zalman
    Vicarious Liability
    Alan C. Michaels
    Victimless Crime
    Gilbert Geis
    Victims' Rights
    Andrew Karmen
    Nancy G. Guerra and Lyndee Knox
    War And Violent Crime
    War Crimes
    Leon Friedman
    White-Collar Crime: History Of An Idea
    Stanton Wheeler and Dan M. Kahan
    Wiretapping And Eavesdropping
    Tracey Maclin.
    v. 1. Abortion to Cruel & unusual punishment
    v. 2. Delinquent & criminal subcultures to Juvenile justice: Institutions
    v. 3. Juvenile justice: Juvenile court to Rural crime
    v. 4. Schools & crime to Wiretapping & eavesdropping. Glossary. Indexes.
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