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Eurobarometer 38.1 (Nov 1992); Eurobarometer 38.1 (Nov 1992); Consumer Protection and Perceptions of Science Technology; Consumer Protection and Perceptions of Science Technology

Kommission der Europäischen Gemeinschaften ;European Commission, Brussels; DG X - Information Communication Culture Surveys Research Analyses; MARKETING UNIT, Bruessel; GFK Danmark, Kopenhagen; SAMPLE INSTITUT, Moelln; KEME, Athen; PRAGMA srl, Rom; CIMEI, Madrid; TMO Consultants, Paris; Lansdowne Market Research, Dublin; ILRES, Luxemburg; NIPO, Amsterdam; NORMA, Lissabon; NOP, LondonINRA EUROPE, Brussels (Fieldwork co-ordination)

GESIS Data Archive 2012

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