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Knowledge-intensive business services: does dual embeddedness matter?

Najafi-Tavani, Zhaleh ; Giroud, Axèle ; Sinkovics


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  • Title:
    Knowledge-intensive business services: does dual embeddedness matter?
  • Author/Creator: Najafi-Tavani, Zhaleh ; Giroud, Axèle ; Sinkovics
  • Creation Date: 2012
  • Language: English
  • Subjects: 9510:Multinational corporations ; Labor And Industrial Relations ; 8300:Other services ; 9130:Experiment/theoretical treatment ; 9175:Western Europe ; United Kingdom ; 5200:Communications & information management ; Business And Economics
  • Description: Building on network theory, this study investigates knowledge development in subsidiaries in the knowledge-intensive business service (KIBS) sector. Foreign subsidiaries' internal and external networks are divided into three main categories: relations with (1) the local environment (external embeddedness), (2) parent firms (subsidiary-parent firm embeddedness and autonomy), and (3) sister subsidiaries (subsidiary-subsidiary embeddedness). Hypotheses are tested using a sample of 184 subsidiaries, located in the UK, whose parent firms are based outside the UK. While our results indicate that external embeddedness, subsidiary-parent embeddedness, and autonomy are main determinants of knowledge development within KIBS multinational companies, they show no association between subsidiary-subsidiary embeddedness and knowledge development. [PUBLICATION ABSTRACT] Copyright - Copyright Taylor & Francis Ltd. 2012 Language of summary - English Location - United Kingdom--UK ProQuest ID - 1024714590 SubjectsTermNotLitGenreText - United Kingdom--UK Last updated - 2012-07-13 Place of publication - London Corporate institution author - Najafi-Tavani, Zhaleh; Giroud, Axèle; Sinkovics, Rudolf R DOI - 2709639631; 70431212; 14259; SIJ; INODSIJ0000583479
  • Notes:
  • Identifier: DOI: 10.1080/02642069.2012.665895