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Nederlands in Amerika. Vragen rond het Leeg Duits (‘Low Dutch’)

Noordegraaf, Jan

Frankfurt a.M [etc].: Peter Lang 2012-12

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  • Title:
    Nederlands in Amerika. Vragen rond het Leeg Duits (‘Low Dutch’)
  • Author/Creator: Noordegraaf, Jan
  • Publisher: Frankfurt a.M [etc].: Peter Lang
  • Creation Date: 2012-12
  • Subjects: 'Low Dutch'; 'Leeg Duits'; North-America; Harold Frederic: In the Valley; David Murdoch: The Dutch Dominie of the Catskills; Walter Hill: Notebook; L.G. van Loon
  • Description: At the end of the 19th century it became clear that in the eastern part of the USA a variety of the Dutch language was still in use. This so-called ‘Low Dutch’or ‘Leeg Duits’, now extinct, was used by small groups of speakers in rural areas. For a considerable time ‘Leeg Duits’ functioned as a spoken language for informal purposes only. Consequently, texts containing samples of 18th and 19th-century ‘Leeg Duits’ are rather scarce. In this paper some texts are discussed that may contain authentic data of this language variety.
  • Identifier: ISBN: 978-3-631-63204-8