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Millennium intelligence : understanding and conducting competitive intelligence in the digital age

Miller, Jerry, 1948- ;Business Intelligence Braintrust.

Medford, N.J. : CyberAge Books 2000

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  • Title:
    Millennium intelligence : understanding and conducting competitive intelligence in the digital age
  • Author/Creator: Miller, Jerry, 1948-
  • Business Intelligence Braintrust.
  • Variant Title: Competitive intelligence in the digital age.
    Competitive intelligence in the digital age
  • Publisher: Medford, N.J. : CyberAge Books
  • Creation Date: 2000
  • Language: English
  • Physical Description: xiii, 276 p. : ill. ; 24 cm.
  • Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references (p. 257-263) and index.
  • Subjects: Business intelligence; Business information services; Business -- Databases; Online information services
  • Notes: Includes bibliographical references (p. 257-263) and index.
  • Contents: Introduction : Competitive intelligence
    no witchcraft here, just business savvy / Jerry P. Miller
    The intelligence process
    what it is, its benefits, and current status / Jerry P. Miller
    The birth and growth of your intelligence process
    behavioral, cultural, and structural factors / Jerry P. Miller
    Deciding where to locate the intelligence unit / Kenneth A. Sawka
    Skills and training for intelligence / Jerry P. Miller
    Analytical models and techniques / Michael A. Sandman
    Information resources for intelligence / Helene Kassler, with Michael A. Sandman on "primary research"
    The information technology marketplace / Bonnie Hohhof
    Knowledge management and intelligence functions
    a symbolic relationship / Rebecca O. Barclay and Steven E. Kaye
    Intelligence and the law / James Pooley and R. Mark Halligan
    Conducting intelligence ethically / Clifford C. Kalb
    Intelligence and security / John A. Nolan and John F. Quinn
    Small business intelligence
    people make it happen / Jerry P. Miller
    Millennium intelligence
    the future / Guy Kolb, Jerry P. Miller, and the Business Intelligence Braintrust.
    Cover ; Copyright ; Table of Contents ; Foreword ; Introduction: Competitive Intelligence- No Witchcraft Here, Just Business Savvy ; Chapter 1: The Intelligence Process- What It Is, Its Benefits, and Current Status ; Why Conduct Intelligence? ; The Intelligence Process Defined ; The Four-Phased Intelligence Cycle ; The Various Roles Involved in Conducting Intelligence ; The Benefits of the Intelligence Process ; The Current Status of the Intelligence Profession ; Chapter 2: The Birth and Growth of Your Intelligence Process- Behavioral, Cultural, and Structural Factors
    How the Intelligence Process Typically Emerges Within a Firm Behavioral, Cultural, and Structural Issues Critical to Intelligence ; The Company that Couldn't Communicate ; The Brain Dead Corporation ; The Pat Answer Man ; Information ; Integration ; Access ; Decision-Making Styles ; How to Change Behaviors and Corporate Cultures ; Cultural Values to Pursue ; Chapter 3: Deciding Where to Locate the Intelligence Unit ; Determining Factors ; Best Practices ; Organizational Options ; Lines of Reporting: Pros and Cons ; Where Is Intelligence Necessary for Decision Support?
    Chapter 4: Skills and Training for Intelligence Necessary Professional Competencies ; Evolution of the Profession ; Skills and Sources ; Inherent Personal Traits ; Training/Education ; Experience ; Mentors ; Different Paths into Intelligence ; Curricular Modules for Intelligence Programs ; Why Academics Should Teach Intelligence ; Training Programs for Intelligence Practitioners; Chapter 5: Analytical Models and Techniques ; Finding the Focus for Intelligence ; Analyzing Your Industry ; The "Five Forces" Model ; Growth-Share Matrix ; Critical Success Factors ; Analyzing Your Company
    Analyzing Your Competitors Competitor Profiling ; Benchmarking and Gap Analysis ; Core Competencies ; Patent Citation Analysis ; SWOT Analysis ; Value Chain Analysis ; Intelligence and Bean Counting: Analysis and Accounting Models ; Activity-Based Costing ; Economic Value Management ; Summary ; Chapter 6: Information Resources for Intelligence ; General Business Resources ; Print: The Traditional Resource ; Commercial Online Services: The First Wave of Electronic Resources ; The Internet: A Maturing Technology ; CD-ROMs: A Price to Be Paid ; Company-Specific Resources
    Jobs Posting: Window on a Corporate Soul Industry-Specific Resources ; News Resources ; International Resources ; Government Resources ; Patent Resources ; Intelligence-Specific Resources ; Books About Business and Competitor Intelligence ; Strategy-Focused Books ; The Road Ahead: A Resource-Rich Future ; Primary Research ; Interviewing People: Some Basic Rules ; The Power of Interviews ; People Outside Your Company ; Unpublished Documents ; Observing Competitors ; Chapter 7: The Information Technology Marketplace ; Key Information System Activities ; Outside Printed Information
    Internally Available Information
  • OCLC Number: 43317426
  • Identifier: ISBN0910965285;LCCN00021342