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Psychologists' desk reference

Koocher, Gerald P., editor of compilation.

Oxford ; New York, Oxford University Press [2013]

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  • Title:
    Psychologists' desk reference
  • Author: Koocher, Gerald P., editor of compilation.; Norcross, John C., 1957- editor of compilation.; Greene, Beverly, editor of compilation.
  • Publisher: Oxford ; New York, Oxford University Press
  • Creation Date: [2013]
  • Edition: Third edition.
  • Language: English
  • Physical Description: xxv, 812 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm.
  • Bibliography: Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Subjects: Clinical psychology -- Handbooks, manuals, etc; Psychology, Clinical
  • Notes: Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Contents: Part I. Assessment and diagnosis : Lifetime prevalence of mental disorders in the general population / Christie P. Karpiak and Brian A. Zaboski
    Conducting a mental status examination / Robert W. Baker and Paula T. Trzepacz
    Improving diagnostic and clinical interviewing / Rhonda S. Karg, Arthur N. Wiens, and Ryan W. Blazei
    Increasing the accuracy of clinical judgment (and thereby improving patient care) / David Faust
    Assessing suicidal risk / Kenneth S. Pope and Melba J.T. Vasquez
    Assessment of malingering on psychological measures / Richard Rogers and Nathan D. Gillard
    Identifying and assessing alcohol, drug, and tobacco use disorders / Linda Carter Sobell, Mark B. Sobell, and Sean M. Robinson
    Interviewing children's caregivers / Carolyn S. Schroeder and Eve-Lynn Nelson
    Evaluating the medical components of childhood developmental and behavioral disorders / Nhung T. Tran and James L. Lukefahr
    Using the DSM-5 and ICD-11 in forensic and clinical applications with children across racial and ethnic lines / Ronn Johnson
    Assessing strengths in clinical practice / Tayyab Rashid
    Evaluating dementia / Elise Caccappolo
    Using the International Classification of Diseases system (ICD-10) / Michael C. Roberts and Spencer C. Evans
    Taking a client's sexual history / Judith C. White
    Screening for sexual offender risk / David Medoff and Sarah J. Sternlieb
    Assessing personality disorders / Whitney L. Gore and Thomas A. Widiger
    Part II. Psychological testing : Adult neuropsychological assessment / Aaron P. Nelson and Margaret O'Connor
    Developmental neuropsychological assessment / Jane Holmes Bernstein, Betsy Kammerer, and Celiane Rey-Casserly
    Assessment and intervention for executive dysfunction / Robert M. Roth, Peter K. Isquith, and Gerard A. Gioia
    Assessing and managing concussion / Gerard A. Gioia
    Assessing MMPI-2 profile validity / James N. Butcher
    Interpreting clinical scale scores on the MMPI-2 / John R. Graham
    Interpreting supplementary scales of the MMPI-2 / Roger L. Greene and Lacey M. Sommers
    Understanding and using the MMPI-2-RF / Yossef S. Ben-Porath
    Interpreting the family of Millon clinical inventories / Seth Grossman and Theodore Millon
    Interpreting test scores and their percentile equivalents / Thomas P. Hogan
    Locating information about psychological tests and measures / Thomas P. Hogan
    Applying Rorschach assessment / Irving B. Weiner
    Assessing the quality of a psychological testing report / Gerald P. Koocher and Celiane Rey-Casserly
    Part III. Individual adult treatment : Compendium of psychotherapy treatment manuals / Michael J. Lambert
    Compendium of empirically supported treatments / Dianne L. Chambers and E. David Klonsky
    Compendium of treatment adaptations / John C. Norcross and Bruce E. Wampold
    Compendium of evidence-based therapy relationships / John C. Norcross and Michael J. Lambert
    Applying the stages of change / James O. Prochaska, John C. Norcross, and Carlo C. Diclemente
    Enhancing patient adherence to treatment / M. Robin Dimatteo
    Treating and managing care of the suicidal patient / Bruce Bongar and Glenn R. Sullivan
    Intervening with clients in crisis / Kenneth France
    Treating borderline personality disorder / Kenneth N. Levy
    Treating reluctant and involuntary clients / Stanley L. Brodsky and Caroline Titcomb
    Conducting motivational interviewing / Theresa B. Moyers and Daniel J. Fischer
    Assessing and treating attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder / Robert J. Resnick
    Assessment and treatment of anger as a clinical problem / Raymond Digiuseppe
    Diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of female sexual dysfunctions / Leonard R. Derogatis and Lori A. Brotto
    Diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of male sexual dysfunctions / Leonard R. Derogatis and Lori A. Brotto
    Working with patients at risk for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases / Michael P. Carey and Peter A. Vanable
    Treating women in psychotherapy / Laura S. Brown
    Psychotherapy with lesbian, gay, and bisexual clients / Kristin A. Hancock
    Practicing psychotherapy with older adults / Brian D. Carpenter and Bob G. Knight
    Managing sexual feelings for patients in psychotherapy / Kenneth S. Pope
    Improving completion of therapeutic homework / Michael A. Tompkins
    Conducting evaluations of client outcomes and satisfactions / Michael J. Lambert and Kara Cattani
    Repairing ruptures in the therapeutic alliance / Jeremy D. Safran and Catherine Boutwell
    Reducing resistance in psychotherapy / Clifton W. Mitchell
    Implementing stimulus control therapy for insomnia / Richard R. Bootzin
    Terminating psychotherapy / Oren Shefet and Rebecca Coleman Curtis
    Using hypnosis to invite relaxation / Douglas Flemons
    Working with the religiously committed client / P. Scott Richards
    Practicing psychotherapy with adults who have cognitive impairments / Kathleen B. Kortte
    Selecting a treatment format / Larry B. Feldman
    Treating the effects of psychological trauma / Laura S. Brown
    Working with patients who have been sexually abused by previous therapists and clergy / Kenneth S. Pope
    Counseling people living with HIV / Priscilla Dass-Brailsford
    Treating bipolar spectrum disorders / Elizabeth Brondolo
    Tailoring treatments to the patient's race and ethnicity / Guillermo Bernal and Melanie M. Domenech Rodríguez
    Considerations in treating people with disabilities / Rochelle Balter
    Practicing harm reduction / Andrew Tatarsky
    Therapy with victims of hate crimes / Glenda M. Russell and Christopher G. Hawkey
    Assessing and treating nonsuicidal self-injury / E. David Klonsky
    Conducting psychotherapy with clients when English is not the first language / Rafael Javier and Lillian Comas-Díaz
    Understanding sexuality in the context of disability / Linda R. Mona and Kimberly Smith
    Helping patients cope with chronic medical illness / Carol D. Goodheart and Korey K. Hood
    Locating the best research evidence for evidence-based practice / Lauren A. Maggio and Marilyn L. Tinsley
    Preventing relapse / Katie Witkiewitz
    Part IV. Couples, family, and group treatment : Recruiting, selecting, and preparing patients for interpersonal group psychotherapy / Victor J. Yalom
    Conducting parent management training / Melanie M. Nelson and Sheila M. Eyberg
    Conducting couple and family therapy / Jay L. Lebow
    Treating high-conflict couples / Susan Heitler
    Treating partner infidelity / Don-David Lusterman
    Conducting psychoeducational groups / Gary M. Burlingame and Sean Woodland
    Using genograms in assessment and therapy / Sueli S. Petry and Monica McGoldrick
    Treating bullying behaviors among youth / Susan M. Swearer
    Treating enuresis and encopresis / Patrick C. Friman
    Treating veterans and military families / Marjan Ghahramanlou-Holloway and Jennifer L. Bakalar
    Assessing and treating autism spectrum disorders / James A. Mulick and Courtney E. Rice
    Part V. Child and adolescent treatment : Treating the behaviorally disordered child / Sheila M. Eyberg
    Helping children cope with chronic mental illness / Lauren Mednick
    Engaging the reluctant adolescent / Alice K. Rubenstein
    Interviewing children about sexual abuse / Karen J. Saywitz and Joyce S. Dorado
    Treating child sexual abuse / Kathryn Kuehnle and Mary Connell
    Part VI. Biology and pharmacotherapy : Adult psychopharmacology / Christine Blasey, Joseph K. Belanoff, Charles Debattista, and Alan F. Schatzberg
    Understanding side effects and warnings in psychopharmacology / Elaine Orabona Foster and Ruth Roa-Navarrete
    Pediatric psychopharmacology / Colleen A. Ryan and Michael L. Trieu
    Common drugs of abuse and their effects / Christopher J. Correia and James G. Murphy
    Herbal treatments for psychological disorders / Paula J. Biedenharn and Brian A. Kiernan
    Medical conditions that may present as psychological disorders / William J. Reed
    Normal medical laboratory values and measurement conversions / Gerald P. Koocher
    Use of height and weight assessment tools / Nancie H. Herbold and Sari Edelstein
    Dietary supplements and psychological functioning / Sari Edelstein and Nancie H. Herbold
    Part VII. Self-help resources : Recommended self-help books, autobiographies, and films / John C. Norcross and Linda F. Campbell
    Recommended homework during psychotherapy with couples and individuals / Arthur E. Jongsma, Jr.
    Recommended self-help Internet resources for patients / John M. Grohol
    Recommended online computer-assisted treatments / Luciano L'Abate
    Part VIII. Ethical and legal issues : Ethical principles of psychologists and code of conduct / [American Psychological Association]
    Dealing with licensing boards and ethics complaints / Gerald P. Koocher and Patricia Keith-Spiegel
    Defending against legal (malpractice and licensing) complaints / Robert Henley Woody
    Minimizing your legal liability risk following adverse events of patient threats / Jeffrey N. Younggren
    Dealing with subpoenas / Linday Childress-Beatty and Gerald P. Koocher
    Confronting an unethical colleague / Patricia Keith-Spiegel
    Recognizing, assisting, and reporting the impaired psychologist / Gary R. Schoener
    Understanding special education law / Linda Wilmshurst
    Part IX. Forensic practice : Understanding involuntary psychiatric hospitalization / Stuart A. Anfang and Paul S. Appelbaum
    Applying standards for use of physical restraint and seclusion / Thomas Graf
    Understanding legal terms of special interest in mental health practice / Gerald P. Koocher
    Applying the duty to protect and warn / James L. Werth, Jr. and Jennifer Stroup
    Preparing and giving expert testimony / Stanley L. Brodsky and Tess M.S. Neal
    Evaluating competence to stand trial / Carla A. Lourenco
    Conducting a child custody evaluation / Robin M. Deutsch
    Assessing and responding to aggressive and threatening clients / Leon Vandecreek
    Part X. Financial and insurance matters : Handling money matters and gifts in psychological practice / Jeffrey E. Barnett and Allison J. Shale
    Understanding professional liability insurance / Bruce E. Bennett
    Managing your managed care contracts / Gerald P. Koocher
    Setting fees for psychological services / Kavita J. Shah and John C. Norcross
    Navigating adverse managed care decisions / Katherine C. Nordal and Shirley Ann Higuchi
    Part XI. Practice management : Making good referrals / Steven Walfish and Jeffrey Zimmerman
    Prototype mental health records / Gerald P. Koocher
    Fulfilling informed consent responsibilities / Kenneth S. Pope
    Elements of authorization forms to release or request client's records / Edward Zuckerman
    Understanding fundamentals of the HIPAA privacy rule / Alan C. Nessman
    Common clinical abbreviations and symbols / John C. Norcross and Brian A. Zaboski
    Creating a professional living will for psychologists / Stephen A. Ragusea
    Understanding statistics in the research literature / William F. Chaplin and Niketa Kumar
    Selecting and relying on an attorney / Robert Henley Woody
    Managing real-time telepsychology practice / Eve-Lynn Nelson and Teresa A. Lillis
    Optimizing the use of technology in psychology with best practice principles / Marlene M. Maheu, Joseph McMenamin, and Myron L. Pulier
    Practicing in the era of social media / Jeffrey E. Barnett and Keely Kolmes
    Finding, evaluating, and using smartphone applications / Marlene M. Maheu, Myron L. Pulier, and Sylvain Roy
    Part XII. Prevention, consultation, and supervision : Helping people cope with disasters / Eric M. Vernberg and Erin P. Hambrick
    Establishing a consultation agreement / Len Sperry
    Interacting with the media / Lilli Friedland and Florence Kaslow
    Conducting effective clinical supervision / Nicholas Ladany
    Responsibilities and liabilities in supervision / Carol A. Falender and Edward P. Shafranske
    Cultivating relationships and coordinating care with other health professionals / John C. Linton
    Consulting on end-of-life decisions / James L. Werth, Jr. and Erica Whiting
    Psychotherapist self-care checklist / John C. Norcross and James D. Guy, Jr.
    Conducting evidence-based prevention / Sha'kema M. Blackmon and Elizabeth M. Vera.
    Cover; Contents; Preface; About the Editors; Contributors; PART I: ASSESSMENT AND DIAGNOSIS; 1 Lifetime Prevalence of Mental Disorders in the General Population; 2 Conducting a Mental Status Examination; 3 Improving Diagnostic and Clinical Interviewing; 4 Increasing the Accuracy of Clinical Judgment (and Thereby Improving Patient Care); 5 Assessing Suicidal Risk; 6 Assessment of Malingering on Psychological Measures; 7 Identifying and Assessing Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Use Disorders; 8 Interviewing Children's Caregivers
    9 Evaluating the Medical Components of Childhood Developmental and Behavioral Disorders10 Using the DSM-5 and ICD-11 in Forensic and Clinical Applications with Children Across Racial and Ethnic Lines; 11 Assessing Strengths in Clinical Practice; 12 Evaluating Dementia; 13 Using the International Classification of Diseases System (ICD-10); 14 Taking a Client's Sexual History; 15 Screening for Sexual Offender Risk; 16 Assessing Personality Disorders; PART II: PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING; 17 Adult Neuropsychological Assessment; 18 Developmental Neuropsychological Assessment
    19 Assessment and Intervention for Executive Dysfunction20 Assessing and Managing Concussion; 21 Assessing MMPI-2 Profile Validity; 22 Interpreting Clinical Scale Scores on the MMPI-2; 23 Interpreting Supplementary Scales of the MMPI-2; 24 Understanding and Using the MMPI-2-RF; 25 Interpreting the Family of Millon Clinical Inventories; 26 Interpreting Test Scores and Their Percentile Equivalents; 27 Locating Information about Psychological Tests and Measures; 28 Applying Rorschach Assessment; 29 Assessing the Quality of a Psychological Testing Report; PART III: INDIVIDUAL ADULT TREATMENT
    30 Compendium of Psychotherapy Treatment Manuals31 Compendium of Empirically Supported Treatments; 32 Compendium of Treatment Adaptations; 33 Compendium of Evidence-Based Therapy Relationships; 34 Applying the Stages of Change; 35 Enhancing Patient Adherence to Treatment; 36 Treating and Managing Care of the Suicidal Patient; 37 Intervening with Clients in Crisis; 38 Treating Borderline Personality Disorder; 39 Treating Reluctant and Involuntary Clients; 40 Conducting Motivational Interviewing; 41 Assessing and Treating Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
    42 Assessment and Treatment of Anger as a Clinical Problem43 Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunctions; 44 Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment of Male Sexual Dysfunctions; 45 Working with Patients at Risk for HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases; 46 Treating Women in Psychotherapy; 47 Psychotherapy with Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Clients; 48 Practicing Psychotherapy with Older Adults; 49 Managing Sexual Feelings for Patients in Psychotherapy; 50 Improving Completion of Therapeutic Homework; 51 Conducting Evaluations of Client Outcomes and Satisfactions
    52 Repairing Ruptures in the Therapeutic Alliance
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